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March 12, 2022


You can now install Windows 11 on a Surface Duo if you're feeling brave – The Verge

You can even dual-boot Android and Windows 11 on the Duo, … If you own Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo device and you're feeling a little …

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This Upcoming Windows 11 Feature Is a Decade Too Late – Review Geek

As discovered by EarTrumpet developer Rafael Rivera, Microsoft is secretly working on File Explorer tabs for Windows 11.

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You can now run Windows on your Microsoft Surface Duo, but maybe you shouldn't – Android Police

However, bits and pieces of essential hardware do not work, including cameras, network, touch input, and cellular. 2 Images. Windows 11 on Microsoft …

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Microsoft revamped for business and education customers | Windows Central

Microsoft recently rolled out an update for and the Office app for Windows for business and education customers. The new Home page for …

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Bypassing outrageous limits in Windows 11's new video editing app isn't cheap | PCWorld

Microsoft's new Windows 11 app, Clipchamp, wants you to pay up to $39 per month to unlock its full capabilities.

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Special Deal! Genuine Office 2021 only for $30! More hot Microsoft software up to 62%! – IGN Africa

Windows 11 brings a refined look to the PC, and digging through the improved Settings app to get things how you want is time well spent.

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Microsoft Shows Tabbed Explorer Windows and New Video Editing App in New Preview Build

Microsoft certainly has a list of suggestions for Windows 10/11 sent in by its users that's as long as a CVS receipt, if not longer, and so far …

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Surface Duo: Windows 11 now works on Microsoft's first foldable smartphone –

Two developers have successfully installed Windows 11 on the Microsoft Surface Duo. The smartphone achieves acceptable performance with its …

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Microsoft is adding the appallingly named Clipchamp video editor to Windows 11 | BetaNews

In the latest preview build of Windows 11, Microsoft has integrated the video editor into the operating system, taking the unfortunate decision to …

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